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Information Relating To Piqua Shawnee Tribe

Piqua Shawnee tribe is a legally recognized tribe under the Alabama state legislature. The Alabama state legislature deals with all issues regarding the Indian tribe's affairs. With the rights granted to them by the state, these people are able to freely carry out the activities that define them as a unique tribe. The Indian welfare association also recognizes this particular tribe.

Legally, it is acknowledged as one of the clans in the United States of America. It is one of the tribe that has continued to practice their heritage, culture, and practices. This clan is committed to making sure that all their members get to respect their customs and also hold onto them.

Just like any other tribe, the Piqua Shawnee is a tribe that has its dedication to its cultural heritage, practices, and language. Among the many traditions that are practiced by this particular group, the common one is the living under the same roof, as long as you are a bloodline. The tribesmen have dispersed and scattered in different regions and areas. Even though there is this dispersion that has been necessitated by the search for greener pastures, these people still keep in touch through frequent meetings that they organize. These gatherings are organized to ensure that the members of the tribe come together and share ideas, suggestions and other key issues. Moreover, disputes and key issues affecting the tribe members are resolved during such occasions.
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The political system and structure is developed in such a way that the chief are the most prominent personnel of the tribe. There are two levels of rulers namely the regional and second chief. A specialized ruling body is concerned with the decisions that are made in regards to ethnic matters. The path to be followed by the people of this ethnic group is determined by this governing body. A solution to any form of the difference of opinion in the tribe is resolved at the level of the clan. Before forwarding issues to the highest rulers in the ethnic group, one has to consult the clan chiefs first.
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These people have demonstrated high level of organization in their political system in that they have people that help them to keep records such as the treasurer and the secretary. These assistants play a crucial role in the running of the community activities and as a result, they are elected by the members of the ethnic group. You will realize that the member of this specific group has every system of their laid out well. The Piqua Shawnee people communicate through a verbal communication which has been in existence for a very long time and they have also held on to their treasured practices. Even with the dispersion, they still communicate and one can still become a leader even after leaving their home.

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